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Name: sharna millward
Age: 31

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Location: stoke
Country: Unknown.

Status: Married
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: catholic

Body Type: Medium Build

Drink?: I drink often
Smoke?: I smoke occasionally
Drugs?: I don't use drugs

About Me

im blonde with blue eyes i hate every teacher living my best m8 is a weirdo and slits her wrists i have a black boyfreind whos called billy and is the best thing thats happend to me

Other Information

Music: hip hop-rock

TV: eastendres

Interests: smoking and dogs

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Games Played: 25
Highest Ever: #331
Most Played: Scooby Doo Ghost Pirate Attacks
Plays per Day: 0.0
Last Played: The Telecrapper 2000

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